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English Translation Grants

Ron Garry

PhD in Buddhist Studies. Completed three-year retreat at Pema Osel Ling, Santa Cruz. Tsadra Foundation grantee 2003-2004.

Previously published translations include:

  • Teacher-Student Relationship, Jamgön Kongtrul

Completed project as a Tsadra Foundation grantee:

  • Wisdom Nectar, Dudjom Rinpoche’s Heart Advice, Dudjom Rinpoche
Lisa Stein

Student of Tibetan language since 1998. Many shorter retreats under direction of Lama Tarchin Rinpoche. Lisa was part of an experimental “Apprentice Program” that has not been continued. Tsadra Foundation grantee 2003-2005.

Partially completed project as a Tsadra Foundation apprentice:

  • Buton’s History of Buddhism in India and Its Spread to Tibet, Buton
Jacob Leschly

Completed three-year retreat at Chanteloube, France, 1980-1985; librarian at the Chanteloube Centre d’Etudes 1985-1990; one-year solitary retreat, Italy, 1990-1991; student at Dzongsar Institute, India 1993-1995; interpreter for many lamas. Tsadra Foundation grantee 2003-2004.

Previously published translations include:

  • The Life of Shabkar, Autobiography of a Tibetan Yogin, Shabkar (assisted Matthieu Ricard, Eric Schmidt, and others)

Partially completed project as a Tsadra Foundation grantee

  • Wondrous Dance of Illusion, Khenpo Ngawang Palzang, translted with Heidi Nevin
Sean Price

Sean Price became a monk in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition in 1994 and has since studied at various monastic institutes in India and Nepal; he has resided at Shechen Monastery, Nepal, since 1999. He has translated numerous Mahamudra and Dzogchen texts and has worked at the Tsadra Foundation as Director of Tibetan Publications since 2009.

Project as a Tsadra Foundation grantee

  • The Emanated Scriptures of Manjushri, Shabkar Tsokdruk Rangdrol

French Translation Institutions

French Translation Fellows

Christian Bruyat

Christian passed away on February 10th, 2018 and will be missed by the Foundation and all those whose lives he touched. While he lived he completed two three-year retreats at Chanteloube, France, 1980–1985 and 1990–1993. He was a founding member of the Padmakara Translation Group and was a Tsadra Foundation fellow from 2002-2018.

Last Projects as a Tsadra Foundation Fellow
  • L’Avènement de la Grande Perfection, Nyoshul Khenpo
  • Le Précieux trésor comblant les souhaits, Longchen Rabjam
Completed Projects as a Tsadra Foundation Fellow
  • Mahasiddhas, La vie de 84 sages de l’Inde, Abhayadatta (with Patrick Carré)
  • Le Précieux Ornement de la libération, Gampopa
  • Perles d’ambroisie (3 vols.), Kunzang Palden (with Patrick Carré)
  • Bodhicaryavatara, La Marche vers l’Éveil, Shantideva (with Patrick Carré)
Previously Published Translations
  • Le Chemin de la Grande Perfection, Patrul Rinpoche (and preliminary work on the draft of its English version, The Words of My Perfect Teacher, with Charles Hastings)
François Jacquemart (Tcheuky Sengé)

Masters Degree in French Literature; three-year retreat at Kagyu Ling 1980-1983; translator for Kalu Rinpoche 1983-1989; translator for Bokar Rinpoché 1989-2004; founded the publishing house, Editions Claire Lumière, 1985. Representative of Bokar Rinpoché’s Awakening Mind program in France. Tsadra Foundation Translation fellow 2003-2006.

Previously published translations include:

  • Petite Encyclopédie des divinités et symboles du bouddhisme tibétain, François Jacquemart
  • Bouddhisme vivant, Bouddhisme profond, Bouddhisme ésotérique, Kalou Rinpoche

Completed projects as a Tsadra Foundation fellow:

  • Les Chants de l’immortalité, chants de réalisation des maîtres de la lignée Shangpa. Jamgœun Kongtrul, ed., with Christiane Buchet
  • Un cœur sans limites, Bokar Rinpoche

French Translation Grantees

Sylvie Carteron

Professional translator; completed three-year retreat at Kagyu Ling, France 1980-1984. Translated (as consultant) with Tsadra Foundation 2002-2004.

Previously published translations include:

  • Transformation et guérison, Thich Nhat Han
  • La Médecine tibétaine bouddhique, Terry Clifford
  • L’Esprit, deux perspectives, Bouddhisme et Neurosciences,Christopher deCharms

Completed work as a Tsadra Foundation grantee:

  • Le Bouddha du Dolpo, Vie et pensée d’un maître tibétain atypique du XIVe siècle initiateur du shèntong, Dolpopa, Cyrus Stearns
Anne Benson

Personal retreat in India 1970-1974; interpreter and secretary for Pema Wangyal Rinpoche; administrator of Chanteloube retreats; editor of various Buddhist publications.Tsadra Foundation grantee 2003-2004.

Previously published translations include:

  • La Liane magique, Les hauts faits du Bodhisattva, Kshemendra

Completed project as a Tsadra Foundation grantee:

  • Le Soleil de la confiance, La vie du Bouddha, Taranatha