Tsadra Foundation Staff

One of the resources the Foundation itself relies upon to support its various activities is its dedicated staff. Our multi-disciplinary team has extensive experience managing, operating, funding, and helping Western and Tibetan Buddhist communities around the globe.

Eric Colombel
President & Founder

Anthony Chapman (Lama Drupgyu)
Vice President & Director of Contemplative Scholarships

Christiane Buchet
Director of Administration

Marcus Perman
Executive Director

Elizabeth Callahan
Director of Studies Scholarships

Gregory Forgues
Director of Research

Sean Price
Director of Tibetan Publications

Gwen Witt-Dörring
Office Manager

Alex Catanese
Tibetan Studies Librarian

Mort Ostensen
Digital Curator

Migmar Lama
Digital Technician

Kiran Khabas
Digital Technician

Dawa Drolma
Digital Technician

Jeremi Plazas
Assistant Director of Research