Wisdom Publications

Wisdom Publications publishes books, podcasts, and online courses on contemporary and classic Buddhism, mindfulness, and meditation. Wisdom is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to cultivating writers and teachers the world over, advancing critical scholarship, preserving and sharing the literary culture of various contemplative traditions, and helping people find and engage with the teachers, teachings, and practices for a wise and compassionate life.

Sponsorship of Translation and Publication
  • Song of the Road: the Poetic Travel Journal of Tsarchen Losal Gyatso, (trans. Cyrus Stearns)
Sponsorship of Translation

Library of Tibetan Classics

Forthcoming from Library of Tibetan Classics
  • Volume 16: Studies on the Perfection of Wisdom (trans. Gareth Sparham)
  • Volume 19: Elucidation of the Intent (trans. Thupten Jinpa)