[Translation] is valuable by a double power of fertilizing a literature: by importing new elements which may be assimilated, and by restoring the essentials which have been forgotten in traditional literary method. There occurs in the process, a happy fusion between the spirit of the original and the mind of the translator: the result is not exoticism but rejuvenation. – T.S. Elliot, on Fenollosa and Ezra Pound’s version of Noh plays.

Translators play an essential role in the transmission of Buddhism from culture to culture and teachers to students. Historically and in the present day, the narrative of Buddhism can be said to be largely the story of how Buddhist texts were translated into different languages and cultures. The transmission of Buddhism has always involved the translation of sacred texts, and the role of the translator in that process is paramount. Translators are often the best examples of people who balance study and practice here in the West. We are very fortunate to have worked with many highly qualified translators from around the world, whom you can learn more about here.

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