Access to the wealth of Buddhism’s accumulated learning is crucial to ensure ever deeper understanding of the different lineages’ teachings. Tsadra Foundation not only sponsors translators, but also assures the publication of their work.

Our English titles appear in Shambhala Publications’ Snow Lion “Tsadra Foundation Series,” “Treasury of Knowledge Series,” “Treasury of Precious Instructions Series,” and “The Complete Nyingma Tradition from Sutra to Tantra Series.” Our French titles can be found in Editions Claire Lumière’s “Série Tsadra” and Editions Padmakara’s “Collection Tsadra.” We also support the work of the Padmakara Translation Group, which publishes English titles with Shambhala and Snow Lion and French titles under Editions Padmakara.

Tsadra Foundation has supported Nitartha Institute and the Dharmachakra Translation Committee, in particular for developing curriculum texts for study institute programs. We are also sponsoring the translation of a number of volumes currently being prepared for Wisdom Publications’ “Library of Tibetan Classics,” as well as the American Institute of Buddhist Studies translation series, “The Treasury of Buddhist Sciences,” with Columbia University Press. On occasion, the Foundation contributes to the publication costs of important texts independently translated.

Tsadra Foundation participates in the publication of Tibetan collections in Asia. With our support, Shechen Monastery has published the “Five Treasuries” of Jamgön Kongtrul and the writings of Shabkar. In China, we sponsored the printing of a number of rare collections in limited editions of 108 sets, which were distributed free-of-charge to selected monasteries and institutions of higher learning.

More recently we have established a department of Tibetan Publications which collaborates with and sponsors Tibetan language publishers to make important collections available in print and in digital versions.

Tsadra Foundation has also developed and provides a tablet-based “app” version of certain collections of Tibetan Buddhist texts in bilingual study-tool versions. The Treasury of Knowledge and the Madhyantavibhaga Course are available on the App Store and the Google Play Store. Learn More